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Worldwide Directory of Oncologists / Hematologists

We need all the support that you can give us: Financial Aid or Volunteer Work

World Oncology Network does not compete with local and international oncology societies but try to complement them , acting as a bridge that extends across all continents, across all cultures and beyond financial limitations of their members.
Communication among doctors improves their education and knowledge and as result :better educated, knowledgeable, updated and well informed oncologists provide better care for their patients. Helping doctors to improve their quality of education, it is helping their patients and yourself.
You may an important role in keeping World Oncology Network organizing, printing and mailing the WON Directory free of charge to thousand of cancer care providers around the world.

Financial Aid :

The full amount of any financial donation or contribution it is used 100% for the collection of data,organization, printing and free distribution of the World Oncology Network Directory, or expenses directly derived from such activities
All contributions are deposited in the World Oncology Network Fund and keep there until used for the designed purposes.
Please make checks or money orders to:

World Oncology Network
and mail to:
7 East Bijou St. Suite#215 . Colorado Springs.
CO 80903 USA
  • Tax ID :65-0793498
  • Please check with you tax advisor is your donation qualifies as tax deductible contribution
Questions ? e-mail us with your questions or concerns :

Volunteer Work:

  • Legal Aid :We are trying to change the status of the Corporation to a nonprofit Organization which will allows as to apply for Federal and private grants. Legal aid and advice is necessary but at this moment there is not enough funding to pay for legal services.We are looking for lawyers or paralegal able to provide those services to us, free of charge.
  • Web Masters/Web Developers: So far the website had been developed and maintained by myself (but I am an MD !!! not a webmaster ) We are needed of webmasters or developers with proven skills, able to assist with the expansion and further enhancements of the website, for example: we need to create an online directory, password protected. Of course all these services must be free of charge to World Oncology Network
  • Secretarial Work : Need it for collection of data and organization and updating of the Directory as well as preparing memos , letters , forms, etc. Also need it to contact members and other volunteers.
  • Printing: Any print shop or similar can print the Directory as a donation. (it was done before by a Printshop in Florida, USA)
  • Materials : Such as papers of different type and color as well as shipping items are need it for printing and mailing of the Directory
  • Ideas : We keep our minds open : send us your ideas how to make this project work better.
  • Marketing : We need someone able to get and generate advertising for our website. (Remember: we can't pay for it )
  • Sponsorship : If you believe in our vision and you have the financial power, you (or your business ) can be the sole sponsor of World Oncology Network and assume the cost of producing,printing and mailing of the Directory


If you want to participate in any of the above, please write to :


  • If you are a Professional Cancer Care provider (Physicians, nurses,etc.) and wants to become a member of World Oncology Network , please fill out an Application and submit to us. You will be included in the next edition of the Directory and received FREE of charge each time is printed.
All voluntary assistance will have the proper recognition and acknowledgment in our website and/or in the directory

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World Oncology Network Contact Information
World Oncology Network
Central Office:
7 East Bijou St. Suite # 215,
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903,
Phone : (719) 262-9467



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