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Cancer Vaccines
Vaccine therapy for cancer: fact fiction?
Cancer vaccines: progress reveals new complexities
Cancer Vaccine
Dendritic Cell-Based Xenoantigen Vaccination for Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy
Overcoming Immune Tolerance to Cancer by Heat Shock Protein Vaccines
Clinical Applications of Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccines

Is Estradiol a Genotoxic Mutagenic Carcinogen?
Long-Term Chemical Carcinogenesis Bioassays Predict Human Cancer Hazards: Issues, Controversies, and Uncertainties.
Nutrition and dietary carcinogens.
Viral carcinogenesis: revelation of molecular mechanisms and etiology of human disease.
A multihit, multistage model of chemical carcinogenesis.
Relationship between Schistosomiasis and Bladder Cancer.
Chemopreventive Efficacy of Sulindac Sulfone against Colon Cancer Depends on Time of Administration during Carcinogenic Process.
Radiation carcinogenesis.
Lipoxygenase Inhibitors as Potential Cancer Chemopreventives.
Theories of Endometrial Carcinogenesis: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Suppression of Chemical Carcinogenesis by Water-Soluble Organosulfur Compounds.
Chemoprevention of Rat Prostate Carcinogenesis by Early and Delayed Administration of Dehydroepiandrosterone.
Chronic Alcohol Consumption Induces Genomic but Not p53-Specific DNA Hypomethylation in Rat Colon.
The Human Papillomavirus Type 16 E6 Gene Alone Is Sufficient To Induce Carcinomas in Transgenic Animals.
Protease Inhibitors in Oral Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention.
Immunological Methods for Detection of Carcinogen-DNA Damage in Humans.
Asbestos Induces Activator Protein-1 Transactivation in Transgenic Mice
E2F1 Has Both Oncogenic and Tumor-Suppressive Properties in a Transgenic Model.
Effects of Diet on Urinary Bladder Carcinogenesis and Cancer Prevention.
Up-Regulation of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Squamous Carcinogenesis of the Esophagus.
Chemoprevention of cancer.

 Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor



Hepatic Arterial Chemoembolization in the Treatment of Liver Malignancies
Monoclonal Antibody Therapy in Lymphoid Malignancies
Progress in the Management of Metastatic Bladder Cancer
ABC of colorectal cancer: The role of clinical genetics in management
Fortnightly review: Hereditary ovarian carcinoma
The Role of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Gynecologic Malignancies (
Progress in Gynecologic Oncology (1999)
Sexuality and Cancer: Conversation Comfort Zone (2000)
Role of the Cdc25A phosphatase in human breast cancer (2000)
Improvement in Castleman's disease by humanized anti-interleukin-6 receptor antibody therapy
Neutrophil disorders and their management
Efficacy and Safety of Recombinant Human Activated Protein C for Severe Sepsis
Intracranial Germ Cell Tumors (2000)
New Treatment Strategies for Malignant Gliomas (1999)
The Diagnosis and Management of Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ of the Breast
Cancer Screening in the Elderly
American Cancer Society Guidelines for the Early detection of Cancer (2002)
Cervical Cancer: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics
Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Basing the Treatment on the Evidence
nfections in the Neutropenic Patient— New Views of an Old Problem
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Palliative chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis
Preserving fertility in children treated for cancer
Systemic IFN-ß gene therapy results in long-term survival in mice with established colorectal liver metastases
Cancer gene therapy using a survivin mutant adenovirus
Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Cellular Suicide Therapy of Malignant Disease
Signal Transduction: Multiple Pathways, Multiple Options for Therapy
Development of GnRH Antagonists for Prostate Cancer: New Approaches to Treatment
The Retinoids and Cancer Prevention Mechanisms
An unfolding breast cancer story
Cancers in concrete workers: results of a cohort study of 33 668 workers
Garlic consumption and cancer prevention: meta-analyses of colorectal and stomach cancers
Monoclonal Antibody Therapy in Lymphoid Malignancies


Neuroblastoma tumour genetics: clinical and biological aspects
The Role of Natural Killer Cells in Adenovirus-mediated p53 Gene Therapy
Polymorphisms and Colorectal Tumor Risk
AGA Technical Review on Hereditary Colorectal Cancer and Genetic Testing
Alterations in the p16INK4a/CDKN2A Tumor Suppressor Gene in Gastrinomas
Molecular genetics of prostate cancer
The HER-2/neu Oncogene in Breast Cancer: Prognostic Factor, Predictive Factor, and Target for Therapy
Accumulated Clonal Genetic Alterations in Familial and Sporadic Colorectal Carcinomas with Widespread Instability in Microsatellite Sequences
Breast and Prostate Cancer: An Analysis of Common Epidemiological, Genetic, and Biochemical Features
Clinical Significance of Cytogenetic Abnormalities in Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
The HER-2/neu Oncogene in Breast Cancer: Prognostic Factor, Predictive Factor, and Target for Therapy
Molecular Genetics and Epidemiology of Prostate Carcinoma
How many tumor suppressor genes are involved in human lung carcinogenesis
A Systematic Review Of Genetic Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Risk
Combining Serial Analysis of Gene Expression and Array Technologies to Identify Genes Differentially Expressed in Breast Cancer
Wnt signaling and cancer
Epigenetic gene silencing in cancer
Genome changes and gene expression in human solid tumors
Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Lung Cancer
Human breast cancer cells generated by oncogenic transformation of primary mammary epithelial cells


New Surgical Options for Elderly Lung Cancer Patients

Pharmacological Analysis of Etoposide in Elderly Patients with Lung Cancer

Phase I Studies of Cisplatin and Docetaxel Administered by Three Consecutive Weekly Infusions for Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in Elderly and Non-elderly Patients

Management of Cancer in the Older Person: A Practical Approach

Guidelines on the selection of patients with lung cancer for surgery

Phase II Trial of Daily Low-dose Carboplatin and Thoracic Radiotherapy in Elderly Patients with Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Vitamin D supplementation, 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations, and safety

The ELVIS Trial: A Phase III Study of Single-Agent Vinorelbine as First-Line Treatment in Elderly Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Cancer in Patients Aged 90 Years or Older: Radiation Therapy

Association of depression and gender with mortality in old age.Results from the Amsterdam Study of the Elderly (AMSTEL

The Use of Herbal Alternative Medicines in Neuropsychiatry.A Report of the ANPA Committee on Research

Short Telomeres in Patients with Vascular Dementia: An Indicator of Low Antioxidative Capacity and a Possible Risk Factor?

The Economic Cost of Hip Fractures Among Elderly Women

Truth-telling and the diagnosis of dementia

Continue colonoscopy screening in stable patients, regardless of age

Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Esophageal and Gastric Cancers in the Elderly

Breast Cancer in the Elderly Is there a Role for Primary and Secondary Prevention Strategies?

Management of Complications of Hematologic Malignancies in the Elderly

Aberrant Sphingolipid Signaling Is Involved in the Resistance of Prostate Cancer Cell Lines to Chemotherapy

The Diagnosis of Cancer: Psychological Impact in the Elderly

Should elderly patients be told they have cancer? Questionnaire survey of older people



Communication about sexual problems and sexual concerns in ovarian cancer: qualitative study

BRCA1 mediates ligand-independent transcriptional repression of the estrogen receptor

BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in central and southern Italian patients

Racial Disparity in the Frequency of PTEN Mutations, but not Microsatellite Instability,in Advanced Endometrial Cancers

The Value of Platelet-derived Endothelial Cell Growth Factor as a Novel Predictor of Advancement of Uterine Cervical Cancers

Serum Soluble Fas Level as a Prognostic Factor in Patients with Gynecological Malignancies

Advances in Cervical Screening Technology

Estrogen receptors and proliferation markers in primary and recurrent breast cancer

Hereditary Factors in Gynecologic Cancer

The Risk of Cervical Cancer in Relation to Serum Concentrations of Folate, Vitamin B12, and Homocysteine

Tamoxifen, Raloxifene, and the Prevention of Breast Cancer

Basic Guide to the Mechanisms of Antiestrogen Action

Tamoxifen-induced Uterine Abnormalities: The Role of Imaging

Quality of Life in Long-Term, Disease-Free Survivors of Breast Cancer: a Follow-up Study

Geographic Socioeconomic Status, Race, and Advanced-Stage Breast Cancer in New York City

Combination Endocrine Therapy in the Management of Breast Cancer

Why should primary care physicians know about breast cancer genetics?

Radioguided Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer Surgery

Adjuvant Therapy of Primary Breast Cancer: A Review of Key Findings from the 7th International Conference, St. Gallen, February 2001

Hormone Replacement in Women with a History of Breast Cancer

Immunization of metastatic breast cancer patients with a fully synthetic globo H conjugate:


Computerized clinical documentation system in the pediatric intensive care unit
Infrastructure for Reaching Disadvantaged Consumers Telecommunications in Rural and Remote Nursing in Australia
Effectiveness of Self-Management Training in Type 2 Diabetes
Therapeutic nursing or unblocking beds? A randomised controlled trial of a post-acute intermediate care unit
Raising the curtain on cancer
Health Outcomes Among Patients Treated by Nurse Practitioners or Physicians
Randomised controlled trial of specialist nurse intervention in heart failure
Nursing Around the World: What Are the Commonalities and Differences?
Management of cancer pain
Cultural/Ethnic Issues and the Prevention Scientist in the 21st Century
Satisfaction with clinical nurse specialists in a breast care clinic: questionnaire survey
Comparing Response Time, Errors, and Satisfaction Between Text-based and Graphical User Interfaces During Nursing Order Tasks
Satisfaction with clinical nurse specialists in a breast care clinic: questionnaire survey
Nurse management of patients with minor illnesses in general practice: multicentre, randomised controlled trial
Challenges and Issues Related to Implementation of Nursing Vocabularies in Computer-based Systems
Understanding lymphedema
A structured approach to low back pain
An unfolding breast cancer story
Effect of a Self-Management Program on Patients with Chronic Disease
SOR Osteosarcoma
Practitioner Panel - Methadone and Heart Health


Dietary fiber showed no preventive effect against colon and rectal cancers in Japanese with low fat intake: an analysis from the results of nutrition surveys from 23 Japanese prefectures
An investigation of soy intake and mammographic characteristics in Hawaii
Lifestyle, hormones, and risk of breast cancer
Regulation of fatty acid homeostasis in cells: Novel role of leptin
Chlorophyllin intervention reduces aflatoxin–DNA adducts in individuals at high risk for liver cancer
Broccoli sprouts as inducers of carcinogen-detoxifying enzyme systems: Clinical, dietary, and policy implications
Twenty-nine day study of stability for six different parenteral nutrition mixtures
Cancer prevention and diet: Help from single nucleotide polymorphisms
Fish Oil–Enriched Nutritional Supplement Attenuates Progression of the Acute-Phase Response in Weight-Losing Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Protection against breast cancer with genistein: a component of soy
Vitamin Nutrition and Gastroesophageal Cancer
ß-Carotene and lung cancer: a case study
Glycated haemoglobin, diabetes, and mortality in men in Norfolk cohort of European Prospective Investigation of Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Norfolk)
Socioeconomic determinants of health: The contribution of nutrition to inequalities in health
Diet, Natural Products and Cancer Chemoprevention
AGA Technical Review on Parenteral Nutrition
Introducing cancer nutrition to medical students: effectiveness of computer-based instruction
Summary of a Scientific Conference on Preventive Nutrition: Pediatrics to Geriatrics
The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC): Plans and Progress
Geriatric cachexia: the role of cytokines
Causal criteria in nutritional epidemiology



MRI Findings in Hemophilic JointsTreated With Radiosynoviorthesis
Polyploidy in acute promyelocytic leukemia without the 15:17 translocation
Pulmonary graft-versus-host disease
New Views of Sickle Cell Disease Pathophysiology and Treatment
Atypical Lymphoproliferative Diseases
In what extent anemia coexists with cognitive impairment in elderly: a cross-sectional study in Greece
Hepcidin: A putative iron-regulatory hormone relevant to hereditary
Restoration of hemoglobin A synthesis in erythroid cells from peripheral blood of thalassemic patients
Thrombocytopenia in critically ill surgical patients: a case-control study evaluating attributable mortality and transfusion requirements
Pro-coagulant state resulting from high levels of soluble P-selectin in blood
Clonal populations of hematopoietic cells with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria genotype and phenotype are present in normal individuals
Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation in the U.S. and Europe
The Peripheral Blood Smear: When and Why
Is the Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Reliable?
Prophylaxis for Opportunistic Infections: A New Approach in the Prevention of Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia
The human basophil: a new appreciation of its role in immune responses
Evolving characteristics of AIDS-related lymphoma
Stable in vivo expression of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) and rescue of G6PD deficiency in stem cells by gene transfer
Prospective investigation of transfusion transmitted infection in recipients of over 20 000 units of blood
Third generation oral contraceptives and risk of venous thrombosis: meta-analysis
Eligibility for home treatment of deep vein thrombosis: prospective study

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